Questions for those with ASPD

I do, but I don't express it. When I hug a person I do it for them in 99% of all cases.

I do experience emotions but most of the time they are weak to the point nobody notices them. My strongest emotion is anger. I express it either in the form of cursing or violence against items. I am sure if one was eager he could make me murder him. Other Emotions like sadness lead to confusion im my case.

  1. Sometimes, but then I supress it and not let it come out.


I am sure I have a form of Aspd, but I don't know about other disorders.

My mother was a little abusive in my childhood. The biggest problem there was that I only experienced shallow love from a person who I suspect of NPD.

I used to be very impulsive. Today I managed to limit it to impulsive shopping that doesn't ruin me.


I don't know. I can't remember a moment someone told me something that is worth being empathetic about. Maybe I just don't care.


I have no Idea. I am too young.

I did not get diagnosed. My assumption stems from my own research. I am sure the people close to me are aware of this.

Yes, mostly empathy because not showing empathy has the worst impact on your social life. I usually avoid it because it is too exhausting.

Yes, I deal with it by doing sports, playing video games and reading newspapers.

No, but I plan on doing so. I sadly have no clue where to get good LSD.

  1. No.

  2. I am interested in making music but I don't have the right equipment to do so.


Yes. Since my childhood I developed a fantasy world in my mind. I daydream a lot.

  1. Very high.
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