Questions from a non-believer

How devout do you consider yourself to be?

5/10. Pray, read Qur'an, learn Islamic theology.

Do you think gay people should be condemned? If not:

There is nothing wrong with being gay.

Should "sodomy" be condemned?

I would not have gay sex as a Muslim, but that doesn't mean people can't do it. When I stand in front of God he won't ask me if those two guys down the street had anal sex, but rather he will ask me how I treated them; if I treated them with the same respect and equality as other people, or if I subjugated them and showed arrogance just because of my beliefs.

Should gay marriage be condemned?

Gay marriage is fine in all secular societies. I don't have a problem with that. Gay marriage is not allowed under countries following Islamic Sharia Law. Marriage is strictly between a man and a woman according to Islam.

Do you believe in Evolution?

I don't really know what to believe. I've heard there is overwhelming support of evidence behind it, but I haven't really looked at it. I will still believe in Islam if evolution is proven. People thought the universe had no beginning and no end and that it was a brute fact. Things change, science change. As of now, I cannot accept evolution without even looking into it. I'm starting biology classes in the next semester or two, so maybe then I will look at it when I have a stronger science background.

Do you think everyone who doesn't follow Islam is going to hell?

No, I don't. It's kind of a long explanation, but to make it in simple terms: People cheated heavily out of this life, innocent deaths like little children etc.., is who I believe will also get into heaven. Also, just because you are a follower of Islam doesn't mean you are going to heaven. In the end, only God knows.

Do you condemn the attacks on Charlie Hebdo?

I do not support and never will the killing of Charlie Hebdo. It is as simple as that. It is a disgusting thing that happened. I am 100% against it.

If you are/would be in a state where sharia law is established, are you personally against stoning for adultery?

I am not against it. The problem here is that cheating and hook-ups are so common in the western media and now society that they don't see it as the terribly immoral and bad thing it is. Think about it. If I say I cheated on my wife, nobody really takes it to full-focus because its so common. I believe it is completely wrong and immoral.

Do you believe the earth revolves around the sun?

Are you basing this off of the verse in the Qur'an?

Do you believe in the Big Bang according to modern cosmology?

I do not believe it happened on accident. It was all under the control of God.

Do you think abortion should be illegal?

Depends on the circumstance. If someone was being stupid and irresponsible then they do not deserve to take the child's life. If someone was raped or the pregnancy can kill the mother or some other very serious event occurs then it is permissible.

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