/r/audiophile Tech Support and General Help Thread (2019-01-31)

Hey, first time poster and a total beginner here. I just recently grabbed a Fiio Q1 MKii and a pair of HD 58X from Massdrop. I’m planning on picking up a Schiit Stack soon as I want to use my headphones with my PS4 as well as PC and the Q1 doesn’t have the driverless qualities of the Modi or its Optical in. The volume the Q1 puts out with an AUX input from the PS4 controller maxes out where I’m content but would like the option to surpass. Now here’s where I’m unsure. I think I’m only using the Amp in the Q1 with an AUX input rather than the DAC+Amp through the USB, is this correct? Is this why my volume is lower than that with the USB cable from my PC or phone? My main question, can I purchase the Modi 3 with an RCA to AUX cable, and run it through my Fiio Q1 as the amplifier until I can save another spare $100 for the Magni 3 amp?

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