/r/Lovecraft Reading Club - Celephais & The Picture in the House

Celephais made me a bit depressed. Like most of his Dreamcycle stories so far. I think I envy Kuranes' ability to escape from reality, even though it ends with his death in the waking world. Also, who could the "notably fat and especially offensive millionaire brewer" be?

The Picture in the House was confusing, in the sense that I started reading it thinking it was gonna be something typically Lovecraft, considering the sense of timelessness and forbidden mystery that he ascribes to the House in question, but ended with something that made me go, "did I just read a slasher horror?". I mean, there's still obviously supernatural stuff going on, but it was a lot more grounded than many of his other works I've read so far.

Anyway, here's the infamous De Bry drawing itself!

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