Raheem Sterling doesn't realise how good he has it at Liverpool and should stay where he is, says Paul Scholes

well said, my man. great rebuttal and that's what i was looking for out of you.

i will argue that moreno has been great in flashes and is going to be much betterr next year. lallana, with a full pre-season, no world cup and no injuries will start to look like what we paid for and balotelli at 16m still has HUGE upside. if he bangs in 20 goals next year, which we all know he has the potential to do, will be worth 25-30m. no doubt. all of the players we bought last year were bought with a view for the future bar lambo, lovren and lallana and i can't slate lallana because of his stop-start injury record. in addition, lovren was piss poor, but he was also lauded as jesus when we bought him so now that expectations are lower, hopefully he can continue working and grow into the club (still extremely young for a cb...remember martin didn't get a lot of time with us until he was 27-28...)...i would also argue kolo was a great piece of business for us. ilori and alberto the judgement is still out. alberto could theoretically net us a profit because of his age and credentials, aspas admittedly was a bad buy. markovich cannot be slated because of how high his ceiling is and manq was a low risk, high reward loan...i can see why you aren't super happy with our transfers, but looking at someone like allen who was recently being lauded for his performances bar manu, that's the blueprint. we have lots of kids in the squad...take away kolo, brad jones, stevie g, glenjo and skrtel and the average age of the squad is like 22? HIGH ceiling. high risk, high reward, that's where we're going and quite frankly, its probably the only route we have to making it back to the elite echelon's of world football. now that we have so much promising youth, this summer we need t absolutely lock up milner (great stevie stop gap, versatile and perfect for our system), a starting rb, another cm and another attacking option. most people don't believe it, but i would be hard pressed to see fsg not spend another boat load of money on players. somewhere to the tune of 100m wouldn't be out of the question. call me crazy, but if they are true to their word about putting revenues all back into the team, that's the amount of money we're dealing with. plus, oversees (although the two are completely unrelated) the red sox are spending big again and in a similar stage of their rebuilding phase...don't be surprised to see fsg pump big dollars into the squad and make a big push for top 4/trophies next year. we have a platform and an unbelievable chance to do something big by establishing ourselves again as a force. mind you, we were 4 very winnable games away (this season) from being 2nd place, so our progress is very clear minus the mental lapses from the first half of the season.

anyways im extremely optimistic and i believe in this project. i see clear cut progress and we showed in our 13 game unbeaten run that without suarez, we are very difficult to beat now that we've found our feet. BR is a genius and the system next year will see us move back to a 4-3-3 or a variation of it and i fully expect us to challenge HEAVILY on 4 fronts.

cheers for the discussion dude, and sorry if i've come off as condescending to you.

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