Rank Barça's signings so far this season.

  1. TER STEGEN: Youngest purchase, 12 mil is pretty cheap considering how many years goalkeepers last not to mention his technique with the ball, great shot stopper, great distribution. Great signing by Zubizaretta.

  2. LUIS SUAREZ: Very very mobile striker, runs the channels very well, helps out defensively when messi or neymar are unable to. Gives a direct outlet ( a bit too direct for my taste ). Is great in combinations(most of the times) & is selfless. Hasnt got the softest touch but sometimes you wonder how he does the things that he pulls out the hat.

  3. BRAVO: Good signing considering his experience & overall a better distributer than Keylor Navas(whom many were upset to have not gotten), provides competition for Stegen as well as eases him into the regular spot in a span of couple of years.

    Not really of fan of the other signings. Sorry:( but i'll rate them however.

  4. MATHIEU: Is a good passer of the ball(above average). His speed is the reason why Luis enrique signed him & he has contributed a lot this season .Always wonder if he could have been signed a couple of years sooner. Luis enrique gets the credit for this one.

  5. IVAN RAKITIC: Work horse, good passer of the ball, great set pieces, not the quickest in terms of speed of thought & in combinatorial play but given time & space can pinpoint a cross field ball pretty accurately.Helps in balancing the movements of messi & shielding leo's defensive responsibilities in the right flank.Once again Luis Enrique knew what he was doing when he decided to opt for Rakitic' instead of Kroos. Since Barca dont play with the usual principles of positional play, Kroos might have struggled a little in the defensive phase of enriques game.I still think Kroos was the better option but Luis Enrique knew better(of course, he is a world class coach compared to a couch potato like me).

  6. THOMAS VERMALEN: World-class passer of the ball, a beast in terms of speed & aerial ability, i was actually optimistic about this signing and thought Pique & Vermalen would be a perfect pair but since his fitness levels were not made known to the general public it was hard to judge whether it would turn out to be a good signing or not. Still think he can put in a couple of good years at Barca.

  7. DOUGLAS: Is clear as day that this move has money laundering written all over it. Only a matter of time before this becomes another one of legal thorns in barcas ass.:(

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