(Rant) Rachel is a huge b*&^% and is a awful person.

So you're saying suffering affluenza is a real thing, and is entirely excusable? Just because you've never done household work doesn't mean it's ok for you not to do them.

Rachel is simply terrible. Here's why.

Leaves her husband at the altar. Has sex with ex right before he's going to get married to someone else. Broke up with Ross. To quote her the next morning "Can I be your girlfriend again?" That means they were in fact, broken up and she blames him for cheating. She only ever got a job in fashion because Mark wanted her based on her good looks. She goes out with Mark after he's the source of all Ross' insecurities and then Ross is proven right. Makes Bonnie shave her head so Ross will break up with her. Messes with Ross' head so he break up with Julie. Hires an under qualified assistant because of his looks and has sex with him.
Shows up to Ross' wedding with the intention of stopping it and telling him she's in love with him. Suggests getting married and proceeds to make fun of him for being married 3 times. Steals Monica's baby name. Steals money from Ross on more than one occasion. Claiming "alimony" to a stranger one of the times she does it to justify it. There are many, many more examples of how awful she is, but these were just off the top of my head.

I love the show, (I've watched it too many times, if that isn't obvious) I love Jennifer Aniston, this is about the character.

Rachel wants to have her cake and eat it too. Which she does and everyone seems to gobble that all up. If she's as real as you say she is, (which I agree with), then surely privileged women are identifying with her character. Maybe that's why men find it so irritating when women say they aren't treated fairly. You're damn straight you aren't!. You can do no wrong. If a man did everything Rachel did no one would like him, he would be considered scum. Seriously think about that. Rachel is a selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, materialistic, guilt-free bitch. I encourage discussion here.

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