Do you believe that gender is a social construct? If so, why do you still chose to identify as a woman?

Have you had your chromosomes tested?

Did you know you could be XY and give birth? sauce more sauce on bodies with a Y chromosome giving birth. Some bodies with the female phenotype - vagina - are born XY; some bodies born with the male phenotype are XX, or XXY, etc. XX phenotype males - teh peen - have had babies with sperm, and XY phenotype females have given birth. Some XY males have ovaries cells in their "Testes" and develop "female bodies" in puberty -ovotestes.

These are rare, agreed, however, their existence destroys the hypothesis that vagina (phenotype) = XX = woman. In logic that's called a counterexample, and it utterly destroys the old school notion of "sex" being a simple binary that is easily seen with "Appearance" aka phenotype in fancy-sci-speak. the be all, end all.

Did you know that scientists who work in these areas (sex development, sexual dimorphism) largely believe from the data that physical sex is not a binary? sauce

I admit, it's easy to just assume, but the data, the science, nature, and biology aren't so simply as a nice perfect binary. We simplify it because the rare cases are rare. But as in all of science, rare cases give rise to deeper understandings. If the world clings to the assumption, phenotype of vagina = XY (for sures no testies) = woman (either by radfam "deductions" or whatever)... then we're going to be stuck in this stone-tool world when it comes to all things gender and physical sex.

Moreover, brains really don't play well with binaries, especially along lines of "sex characteristics." I'll leave that as a google exercise since there is a plethora data now on the spectrum of sexes in the brain, and the morphology of - taking a BC pill changes women's brains, and cross-sex hormones really changes brains.

Sex isn't so simple, despite we as a society over simplify it with phenotype = sex = gender, which is as accurate as the Ptolemaic model of the universe. It works if your deepest understanding doesn't go beyond what your nurse told you in grade school for your sex "education."

So I ask, please consider adjusting your world view to include the data and the facts I present, because the notion you've put forth is the very notion that harms intersex and transgender people of all kinds.

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