I'm talking about your sentence

Fuck off. All you have is spell and grammar checker....

Your sole purpose of being here is to be an aggressor and an agitator to 1) get contributors pissed off 2) get them to stop posting 3) to get them to go away. You serve NO purpose other than to regurgitate the state lies and make sure no one goes off script.

You are a person that needs to go away and let others discuss this case.

You have NO right to deter others from openly discussing this case amongst others in a free forum.

You and alike constantly batter people for the stupidest reasons.

The vast majority here on Reddit are not lawyers, and I doubt you are what you claim. Who spends ALL DAY LONG on Reddit, while claiming they're a lawyer. What kind of lawyers have ALL DAY LONG to jockey a keyboard on Reddit?

Piss off and leave people alone.

If you DON'T agree with someone, that doesn't give you a right to police the conversations.

If you don't like what people are saying, GO BACK TO SAIG where you're praised and glorified.

I don't understand how you are allowed to continue the condescending comments, not only to the poster/commenters on an on going basis.


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