RDR2, Worst Game of 21st Century (change my mind)

are you people f****** kidding me? Not only is this not the GOTY, but this might be the worst game released in the last 10 years.

I honestly can't believe anyone actually believes this... thing is actually worth $10, let alone $60.

This is one of the worst campaigns ever created in the history of games. Where to even start... Story? Horrible, predictable, bland, uninteresting, no big plot-twists worth writing home about (look at the latest AC game for an actually great story). Missions? God awful. EVERY SINGLE FRICKING MISSION is a shooting mission.

Can these people not think of a single another thing to make a mission about? Nothing that doesn't end in a shooting? It is basically Killzone in the Wild West, and it's disgusting. I don't care if this was their lifestyle and if this is what gunslingers did in the Wild West, I want a game with diversity of some sort... This gave me none.

he city is great and very live, but it is probably the biggest waste of time in this whole universe. So I kinda understand that they lower the speed of horses in the city area (even though it often starts way sooner than it should), and then it doesn't even matter because if you ride a horse in the city, every single human is blind and deaf so they walk right in front of your horse and then the police is after you because there are brain-dead idiots living in the city.

but you know what I would like to see before that, horse physics that actually work. Every small tiny pebble in the street and I'm flying 30 feet in the air. Not to mention branches, getting stuck, unable to ride between two things that are clearly passable...

So this game isn't for you. Got it. And that's okay, it's not for everyone. Hope you find something you enjoy.

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