The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S3 - E6 - Finsta Fight - Live Episode Discussion

Yes I’d say it definitely was that, or... this is what I wondered about, so remember last reunion when Jen mentioned that lawsuit Justin’s company was being sued? The look on Whitney snd Justin’s face was horrified. Justin stumbled at his words snd said it was on the back burner of sorts?

The next week I believe it was is when he was fired. I know they alluded to it being the sex scene but that was at least 8-10 weeks before the firing snd the mention of the lawsuit.

Someone was suing Justin and his company fir how a deal was handled. Jen outed it on tv. I am thinking it was because the suit was mentioned. One that was laying dormant, I bet the ppl suing were like ah hell nah!

The bedroom scene yes was a lot and Whitney was only in undies snd nipple covers, so it surely could have been the reason.

It sure is very sus though that he was fired right after the reunion when the suit was mentioned. Like I said, you’d think if it were the bedroom scene that he would have been fired when that happened which was at least 2 mo before. We might never know though.

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