Realistic STA-225 Receiver Circa 1974-76 - Picked up for free today

My neighbor asked me to help him, help an old friend with a plumbing problem. The 80+ year old woman had this unit on her side porch to put it curbside tomorrow on garbage collection day. My buddy billed her $100 for 2 hours of work for two men after we spent $40 on plumbing parts at the hardware store on two trips to get the right parts. She also lives uptown so the entire adventure took four hours by the time I got back home. You gotta respect older people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

The older lady gave me the STA-225 for free when I asked why it was sitting in her cold porch room. She begged me to give it a new home.

I am not certain but in 1974 this unit may have been the first 'Flagship' Radio Shack receiver?

Cosmetics almost a 9 out of 10. The rest I will deal with in the coming days.

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