A Total War Saga: TROY will be released on the Epic Games Store on 13 August 2020 - and will be free to keep if claimed within the first 24 hours of release

Did you read anything I said, or did you just read the first line and respond.

Skyrim caught no heat for being playable only via Steam. While in that same year, Battlefield 3 caught massive heat for being playable only via Origin.

It could've been released on Uplay, Origin, Battle.net or been launched with Bethesda's own client. Or like near every game released, it could've been released DRM free. Only needing Steam if it was bought through Steam.

It didn't catch any heat, because people just want it on Steam. People on this very sub, will argue with you that EGS is terrible for exclusive deals, while Steam does the same thing since inception and they'll have never cared. Because it's not about exclusivity, it's about whether it's on Steam or not.

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