I really want a full Astro's Playroom sequel

I know I'm a month late on this but I just beat it (And have one Trophy left) but my God I couldnt agree more.

It's such a charming little game... It was so much more than I expected. Seeing all the little references to games was awesome lol

Kratos and Atreus, Gaius, Monster Hunters, Crash, and I believe Alucard in the cave at the beginning of CPU Jungle made me grin.

A larger scale game like this would be awesome. Perhaps instead of worlds dedicated to the consoles it could be worlds dedicated to Sony franchises and a huge boss at the end of each.

Astro dressed as a Hunter fighting a Rathalos at the end of a Monster Hunter world would be amazing though a bit tricky since Nintendo sortve shares custody with MH for the most part.

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