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I got my ps5 a few weeks ago. I currently own, and have beaten God of war, God of war ragnarok, and jedi fallen order.

I'm debating picking something up from this sale before it ends. I currently have ps+ extra.

My debate is this: I've been playing ghost of tsushima from extra and LOVE it. I also absolutely love the borderlands franchise and never got a chance to play the third. (I know the story sucks, lol but I don't have any good shooters atm and I can cross play with a friend on pc.)

Should I grab ghost of tsushima while it's on sale in case it ever leaves extra, or grab the ridiculously priced bl3 ultimate edition while it's on sale?

If anyone has any other recommendations for games to play on extra, or to check out in the store (that are 30ish or less because limited income), please feel free to suggest them!

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