Recovery of a Russian helicopter from the Dnipro river north of Kyiv, 3 months after it was shot down. Probably went down in the first days there.

Many of those same soldiers on this "special operation" have no problem with looting, killing and raping innocent people who's only crime to the Russian federation is not wanting to be poor in culture or humanity like Russian people. Don't believe me? Listen to the many unencrypted calls intercepted made by these oh so poor, vulnerable Russian soldiers, who are all supposedly just innocent victims in this conflict.

What about the Millions of Ukrainians now displaced, unemployed and the thousands who have lost their lives, all because they just so happened to share a border with the cesspool that is Russia? Not to mention the millions of people who will now starve globally as a result of yet another failed attempt of Russian imperialism that the world has endured for 900 years.

My sympathy for Russian belligerents had ran out in week 1. Every day the aims of the Russian Federation are clearer and the goal is the complete destruction and genocide of Ukraine. It is abundantly clear what their objective is.

You can choose to simp over the deaths of these bastards, you live in the safety of a secure country and you have that luxury. Many Ukrainians aren't so fortunate. Every death of a Russian soldier in Ukraine is a guarantee that their sovereignty will be protected, this is an indisputable fact. The good news is, is that there have been many promises made in this way, and there will be many more thanks to the international effort of countries supplying arms, ammunition and intelligence to Ukrainians and the foreign legion to wreak havoc amongst the Russian invaders.

Go ahead and jump on your morality high horse about how Russian belligerents are people too, no one gives a fuck. Actual innocent Ukrainians die every day that Russia prolongs their failed offensive.

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