Republicans have argued against Medicaid expansion, saying that expansion will adversely affect the health care received by Medicare recipients. A large-scale panel data study finds no evidence that Medicaid expansion impaired access to care or utilization for the Medicare population.

What's it like having your head so far up your own ass?

You should know this well.

How's your 'tax cut"?

They convince some, a minority thankfully, that helping the most wealthy is in their interest, yet the party is the most felony convicted by a LONG SHOT when it comes to white collar crime by the wealthy, the present issue with Trump's financial information, not just the tax avoidance, shows clear as day where the priority is. The subjugation of the many to benifit the lucky few.

It's written in black and white in practically 10 ft tall letters, the ONLY thing that keeps it afloat is fear, the fear that "if the left gets their way and evens the Field, you'll never been wealthy and will starve to death while the country burns to the ground."

It used to be an honorable ideology, but since goldwater, it's become more and more psychotic and creul.

Pure spite for an imaginary liberal keeps most republicans in line and unquestioning.

Place a third of Trump's proven corruption on any Democrat and they are the ultimate evil, but Trump gets a pass because "evil Democrats"

It's stupid.

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