Magnetic solution removes toxic "forever chemicals" from water in seconds

All right I read half the article and I skipped ahead to the ending and I feel like I can say that I am confident that I understood it in at least a peripheral or vague since, and minimum anyway; but that's a f****** God damn stupid lie because I don't know if I understood exactly what I thought I understood so here's my question for anyone who's smarter than me, and I should be like f****** all of you:;: yeah make fun of me if you want to but I'm coming to you and trying to be humble and say that you guys know more about this s*** than I probably I'm going to unless I buckle down and try really hard but I honestly have been trying to pay attention this for a few months now so ever since I heard about the forever chemicals and how rain my favorite thing in the world rain, I love it so much, it's now dangerous and toxic forever in Trace amounts or something, the wrong mix of angel dust and Tylenol and your uncle's weird goofball Metro colon heart medicine morphine ACE inhibitors, aCE extended release & methylated ACE inhibition, inhibition, releasing agency, expander/, too inhibitor that he claims he still needs even though it's got it's like desoxypipridol

andl in it

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