Request: Vyvanse for BED/Binge Purge: Anyone With Experience?

I am a self- described "hardcore" bulimic and Binge eater, and have been for years. I too have tried just about everything : the therapists, the SSRI's, Overeaters Anonymous, etc. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing has ever worked for me. It got so bad this past year that I really started to believe that I was going to die. I was absolutely desperate. I cannot overstate how bad my disease was affecting all aspects of my life, as im sure anyone who suffers from this horrifying affliction can attest. A friend of mine is on Vyvanse for her ADHD and I asked to try it out, just one capsule to see if it would take my appetite away for even a day-- my logic being that no appetite equals no binge, no purge. It was absolutely stunning how it took all desire for binging away. I have since acquired some of this medication through a different friend and have been taking it on a daily basis for over a week now-- and have not had a binge/purge episode AT ALL...I am just not that interested in food, although I do eat--And when I do, I can actually stop--which is absolutely amazing. A miracle, really. I went to see a Doctor to try and explain my situation and see if I could get a prescription, that doing so isn't about being "high", or abusing the drug...its about saving my life. She refused and sent me on my way. Her reasoning was that Vyvanse is "Like cocaine" (her exact words) and its addictive. I just have absolutely no understanding of this: it's as if being reliant on something that is actually helping to SAVE MY FUCKING LIFE is somehow more of a concern?? As if binging and purging LITERALLY 10-12 times a day isnt what we should be worried about, oh no, we can't prescribe something that you may become dependent on --???.... Unbelievable. I have made an appointment with a psychiatrist next week in hopes that he can fully grasp the situation. On another note, I have since been researching Vyvanse extensively online and have come across the findings that you have mentioned: that the manufacturers of Vyvanse are trying to get FDA approval to treat BED. I am a living testament to how effective this drug has been for my BED, even if for only a week! It may, quite literally, save my life. Cross your fingers that another doctor will see it that way.

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