Anybody else struggling with dealing with their unsympathetic parents while trying to find a job.

Thank you for responding! About my employment gaps, do you think it is a good idea to present my lack of employment in my cover letters, or is it something I should share during an interview? I have been asked about the issue in an interview before, and my responses don’t seem to be well received. Though it’s also a matter of simply not being able to find work around here, I explain there have been a lot of issues at home. I graduated with a Bachelor degree from SFSU in International Business. Immediately after graduation in December 2011, my sister became more ill and immobile. I was free from school so I came back to Stockton, and took on the task of bringing her to her appointments and such. She is passed on now, and it’s just been really tough on everybody at home. I never share information about my employment gap until I get an interview, which is rare anyways. Should I have a story regarding my unemployment in every cover letter, or continue to discuss it during interviews

I do regularly make use of Khan Academy now and then; I find it to be a great resource. I have not been aware of General Assembly, and these “technical boot camps” going on. Though I never seriously thought about going back to school, these shorter programs look like a great option. It looks like tuition for one of these programs will run a good few thousand at the least, I would not be able to afford this now along with the living expenses in San Francisco. It is definitely something I would like to look in the Near future though as I get back on my feet.

There is another issue that you may be able to advise me on. I was employed last year for three months in Oakland working a temporary assignment through an agency for Alameda County. I was working as a recruiter for the Primary Elections. Though I basically had two supervisors who I worked with during this time, I am not sure that the one who is formally known as my supervisor will exactly say good things about me. I’m sure she will not say speak horribly of me, but may say something along the lines of me not being aggressive enough- we did some cold calling to find volunteers. My other supervisor however, who is her subordinate, I am sure he will only say good things about me. If a potential employer was to call in and ask of my Supervisor, they will certainly direct the call to the one who is not as enthusiastic about me as she has much more seniority here. I would put the one who will say good things about me as my primary reference, but I don’t want hostile feelings from my other supervisor as they work side by side with each other. I don’t have professional references that I know well enough that can vouch for me, and this makes it difficult in job applications.

I think my main problem in not finding a job is my lack of skills and expertise. In finding a job right now with my bachelor’s degree, I don’t know what additional skills I can learn that would matter if I don’t have any real world work experience in it to show.

I apologize for such a long reply! I just want to put it all out there. Maybe you can point me in the right direction to help me dig myself out of this.

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