Respect Darth Maul

Went over the character limit, here's Maul's durability section.


Maul seized his lightsaber and rose to his feet. His muscles, bones, and tendons screamed in pain, but pain meant nothing. (Shadow Hunter 91)

Then an invisible hammer struck him in midleap, pounding him to the ground…Maul looked up, saw a skycar settling to the ground alongside Pavan and the droid. The repulsor beams from its undercarriage had struck him down when the vehicle passed directly over him. The skycar was less than five meters away; he could see the driver and his passenger clearly. They were Jedi. “Get in,” Master Bondara said to the human. “He’s unconscious, but I don’t know how long he’ll be-“ “Not long,” the droid said, and pointed back toward the pursuer. Darsha glanced back and saw to her astonishment that the dark one was already rising to his feet. She could scarcely believe he had recovered from the repulsors’ hammering so fast. (Shadow Hunter 72)

  • Two stun bolts do not faze him in the slightest

The stun bolt nailed the Sith squarely in the middle of his back, hurling him forward to slam against the bulkhead. Lorn fired one more, which hit the Sith’s lower back...He was staring directly into the sinister tattooed face when the Sith’s yellow eyes opened. The Sith’s lightsaber leapt into a black-gloved fist, both blades flashing into existence. One of them flickered toward him like crimson lightning. (Shadow Hunter 161)

  • Falls onto a catwalk a number of levels below and shrugs it off

Qui-Gon forced Darth Maul over the railing as well. Down the Sith Lord tumbled, landing hard on a catwalk several levels below Obi-Wan…but the Sith Lord struggled back to his feet quickly and raced away. (Episode 1-The Phantom Menace 201)

  • Maul is trying to reach in a vent to escape a heated shaft. He is nearly cooked alive but ignores it.

He clenched his teeth, the heat very close to him now, pressing in from all sides, clinging to him like a second skin. By now the walls had become scalding steel plates, burning the palm of his hand and the fingers holding him in place…A drop of sweat hit the floor and he realized he could actually hear it sizzle…He kept working. There was an odd, meaty smell rising up around him, and when his blistered palm shifted slighting on the wall, he realized that it was his own flesh beginning to roast. (Maul: Lockdown 269)

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