What is Lupe TALKING ABOUT on his new songs? Genius.com doesn't tell you at all.

Can't look at every single quote because the song has to be able to stand on its own you know? That's why I looked at the choruses and found a link this is just off the top of my head I didn't worry about grammar and shit:

Summer is birth and childhood the songs are happy and mellow

Mural is birth itself and beautiful af lmao

Blur my hands is a child or toddler: "And it really means I'm number one, and you're a fan Well that's cool, cause I think you're number one too" how a child would feel about their parent (Parents value their children over all else, children the same to parents)

Dots and Lines is a kid growing up maybe in school, the song has a lot to do with the potential of a person and shaping a person along with the math metaphors in the chorus, stuff you learn in school

"You look just like how ima be, Sacred geometry, in a line... 3 angels in kind go straight don't sine(sin)"

That's Summer, and childhood is probably summer of our lives because of how carefree and nice it was

Fall This season is about teenager because it has a good mix of optimism and ambition but pessism and cyncism especially prisoners

Body of work is about teenage love and the insecurities that come with it. with the voice in the background saying stuff like Am I beautiful etc, this is different from the next song which is about adult love

Little Death Adult love like husband and wife (different from body of work)

Little Death is french translation for an orgasm (euphemism) so I feel the entire song is about love because the song verses are verses of all the misery in the world but the chorus is completely ignoring the content of the verses

Lupe's first verse he goes off on the hypocrisies on society but the chorus is Nikki Jean saying How was your day my dear.

Second verse same idea Lupe is pissed off but the chorus is almost letting him vent, "How was your day" like husband and a wife

i think the theme is that the world is fucked up and love is what we have to take our minds off it.

No scratches is about the reality of being an adult. "But niggas start getting sick, niggas start getting ill Niggas got cold feet, niggas start getting chills Niggas start staying home cause niggas start getting bills"

the youthfulness is gone now we are now adults and have responsibilities and stress and pressure and have to deal with the life we have vs the life we imagined growing up (summer+fall)

winter: shitty adult life full of stress

choppa: living life when your poor. choose crime due to pressures building up from previous song/poverty

Deliver: this song is about the city of chicago and its reputation. Chicago used to be known for its deep dish pizza, now known for its crime rate instead. So the pizza man not coming isn't just not being able to order food because of the conditions but the irony that the people of chicago will never taste what chicago was famous for (pizza) but get a taste of what it is now famous for (gang violence) so the pizza man refusing to come is a strong metaphor and unique as hell

madonna: this song is fuckin sad cause its the death of this persons life but also in his last moments hes thinking about his mom "She was holdin' him, in her hands Just like Stigmata, yeah Said you gon' live here forever Salvation and treasure You gon' live here forever, yeah Died like Ricky on his mama couch Right there in his mama house Only child, the holy mama's your mama now"


This is my wacky theory but knowing that we (the person this album is following from birth)are dead because of some gang shit in the song madonna

God is scolding us basically, because we chose a life of violence "Why you ready to die? You just a baby Why them tears up under your eyes? You just a baby Keep your head up in the sky, you just a baby Quit chasing money, never mind, you just a baby (These Magi adore you) x2 Why you wanna be born again? You just a baby Why you playing in the streets? You just a baby"

in the grand scheme of things we're just a bunch of babies

TRON: we are resurrected yay

Spring: this is empty cause you could repeat the album and the events that happen within it not having learned your lesson at all or the album is done and you can choose a new path in life :)

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