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Ringside Talk!

Ringside Talk!

These RST’s are apparently not compatible with the third-party Apollo app. I was able to log-in to a shadowbanned account just now and listen in with my laptop, but I accidentally closed the window and now Reddit rejects it when I try to get back in.

I tried loading the desktop version of the site on my Firewalled + VPN mobile via Brave w/ TOR, rather than just using Apollo, but Reddit demands you use the first-party app. And that’s a death sentence.

Oh well, I tried. The gods have decreed I can’t even listen to your lovely voices and opinions anymore, haha.

Anyway. Still working on that Discord log-in, Telly. I just sent an email to Discord support. I should have it resolved soon. I stupidly unlinked my phone from my main Discord account when I created a secondary account, and now I can’t remember the fucking email.

It’s hard out here, livin’ on the razors’ edge. I’m just a digital girl in a digital world … a digital boy with digital toys …

… errr … uhhh …

Anyway. That’s the update. Peace out ya’ll !

u/TeleportMePizza u/Ghouse0880

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