"Rockstar doesn't care."

I like how fairweather fans like you will say that having heists delayed this long is unacceptable, but then when it comes out, you'll gladly play it. If it were truly unacceptable, you would've stopped playing the game.

No, that's what you would do if you found it unacceptable... apparently. Is this what you're telling yourself now? That anyone who has spoken out about heists without boycotting them is some kind of hypocrite? Keep drinking the koolaid lol.

You see enough distinction between the developers and the game to tell yourself that hating one doesn't mean having to hate the other, yet you can't see it in the opposite light, where all the things you like about the game should reflect your attitude toward the developers. You hate them

You seem to have started talking to somebody else here, you can read my post again and find where I hate everyone at rockstar... I sure can't. Has the rockstar hatred gotten so subdued that you just have to make up reasons to defend rockstar to people?

but you'll gladly play their game, and yet you expect them to treat us any differently, to value us not just for our money?

Once again, boycotting is a really meaningless gesture when everyone complaining ALREADY OWNS THE GAME. Other than that you're just pulling out your "EVERYBODY HAET MY BESTFREND ROCKSTAR" strawman and trying to throw it up in front of people.

You sound like a spoiled kid. Mom and Dad didn't take me to the toy store today even though they said they would, so that means they don't care about me and are the worst parents in the world!

And you sound really desperate to equate me to something childish and ridiculous without really making a solid case for that comparison.

Not everyone is perfect.

Least of all you.

People make mistakes.

Most of all whoever is handling the matchmaking and heists.

Some can see past this and have a mature attitude, others can't.

And some try to tell people who see past this that they can't so they can pick fights on the internet, rather pathetically.

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