[Role-Playing] The Search for Graham

This should have been the opening post for the boss battle, as well as the ground rules.

But such calm was not the will of the almighty. The summoners’ first trial in this uncharted territory was yet to be concluded.


As the summoners were starting to camp out and settle down, an ominous presence filled the surroundings. And everyone felt it, that hideous otherworldly aura seemingly coming from the depths of hell itself. Anyone with a weak spirit would easily be crushed by pressure accompanying presence. A handful of well-informed summoners might actually mistake presence as something similar to the demon that they were hunting.

Without warning, without any dark clouds forming in the sky, pitch black lightning struck the remains of slain worms. And from the remains of the five worm-like creatures rose a creature of enormous stature; five enormous dragon-like heads over scaly necks that tower over the trees, all connected to a gigantic body with rippling scales that glittered in the sunlight. Each head seemed to be aligned to a different element; the first had flaring nostrils that hinted at firebreathing; the second had smoky ice emanating from jaws that looked like it could crush any of the warriors to blood and mangled flesh; still a third had what looked like corrupted vines with withered leaves wrapped all over; while the fourth was enveloped in an aura of crackling lightning. But at the middle towered the biggest of the dragon-heads, an abomination whose mere menacing glare was enough to dwarf any of the four other heads, as if fear were its very weapon. (( A picture for your reference. The Dark head and Fire Head switch places so the Dark head is at the center. ))

Such abomination were never mentioned in any scroll or manuscript, ancient or not, in both Grand Gaia and Elgaia. For the well-informed scholars, they will simply consider it as a new and unique existence. ((But for convenience sake, call it ‘Tiamat’ in your post.))

Unleashing a deafening roar, each head proceeded to simultaneously discharged a deadly breathes - the fire head, scorching flames; the water head, acidic goo that can melt every human flesh and bone; the earth head venomous slime that can poison; the thunder head, crackling breathe that can paralyze; and finally the dark head that fires dark LAZORS that simply erases everything that it hits.

In mere seconds, bodies of the dead and dismembered summoners littered throughout the little encampment that they were currently constructing while the air surrounding them was filled with spiritual fragments of the fallen summons who, similar to the fallen summoners, did not have the slightest chance to prove their worth.

Okay! Boys and gals. We now entered to the experimental boss battle of the RP. Experimental in the sense that the ground rules that I will set here will be subject to feedback, evaluation and improvements later on. But for now, please bear with me.

Ground rules for Boss battles.

  • 1. You can write whatever you want on your post. BUT unlike our battles with fodder enemies (Yay! Raid bosses for fodders! Kick ass guys!) only the RPer of the Boss AKA the moderator, (me in this instance) will determine the outcome of your attacks to the boss. You can specify the part, describe the potency and/or added effects if you land a hit, add a little flair in your attacks and so on, BUT you will never write about the outcome of your attacks. Like if the attack connected, was it effective, did it finish it off and so forth.
  • 2. And unlike your regular fodder, the monster of the week has some gimmicks onboard that you have to uncover during the course of the boss battle to defeat it. More dakka/more GN particles doesn’t necessarily translate to victory here. And please, no power of friendship as much as possible. It is best that you work with your fellow RPers, exchange PMs, compare notes, think out of the box. The moderator will slowly provide subtle hints on how to defeat the boss as to not drag the battle for so long so pay attention to such.
  • 3. Since this is a collaborative effort involving most if not all RPers, as such, the posting pace will be a bit slower to give equal opportunity to all RPers from different time zones to write a post and have a piece of the Boss.
  • 4. Be reasonable. Take hits. Don’t be a Kira Jesus Yamato, a Mary Sue or a Gary-Stu. No character will die unless otherwise explicitly stated by the RPer that he want his character dead for real.
  • 5. The moderator will try his/her best to be fair and objective in the boss battle and must take into account the post of all RPers in every turnaround.
  • 6. If you figured out something that might potentially be the answer in beating the boss, act it out/write it out. Do not break the 4th wall. You may exchange PMs or OOC (out of character) replies in the RP thread. Just do it outside of the RP universe.

So much for the general ground rules. For this particular boss, if you’re attacking a head, please specify which elemental head will you attack and the element that you’re attacking with. (Hint # 1)

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