Guy gets captured after hitting an older woman ( canal street )

Same in SF when I lived there. 5'0" asian woman that's 70-80+, they'd fuck with. I'd get in between them (stupid southern man) and they'd bluster for a minute but would walk away. I'm not big by any stretch but big enough (5'10" ~200 and moderately fit back then O:-) I feel for the people on the streets but when you're picking on someone that can't defend themselves, get fucked regardless of your mental state.

I miss my people I'd talk with though. One-eyed Willy by the Embarcadero stop (he'd always say Good Evening all drawn out). Or the AT&T store lady with the dog on Market, or the older lady up by Walgreens on Powell(?).

Mental Illness and homelessness need to be fixed (well worked on, difficult to actually fix) on the national level, sadly we have no chance at this politically.

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