Today's question : What's the most, physically speaking, painful thing that ever happened to you ?

bitchTainicyoub itchTain
icyoubitchTai nicyoub
itchTainicyoubi tchTai
nicyoubitchTaini cyoub
itchTainicy oubitc hTainicyoub itchT
ainicyoubitchTainic youbitchTainicy oubi
tchTainicyoubitch TainicyoubitchTainicy
oubit chTainicyou bitchTainicyoubitchTa
inicyoubitchTainicyo ubitchTaini cyoubitch
TainicyoubitchTaini cyoubitchTainicyoubit
chTainicyoubitchTainicyoubitchTainic youbi
tchTa inicyoubitchTainic youbit
chTai nicyoub itchTa
inicyo ubitch
Tainic youbit
chTain icyoub
itchT aini cyoubi
tchT ainic you bitchT
aini cyoubitchT ainic youbitchT
ainic youbitchT ainic youbitchTain
icyou bitchTaini cyoub itchTa inic
youbi tchTainic youbi tchTain icyou
bitch Tainicyou bitchT ainicyo ubitc
hTain icyoubit chTainicyoubitchTain icyoubi tchTa
inic youbitch TainicyoubitchTainicyoubitch Taini
cyou bitchTa inicy oubit chTainicyo ubitch
Tain icyoubit chT ainicyoubitchTain icyoub
itchT ainic youbi tchTainicyoubitchT ainicyo
ubit chTai nicyoub itchTainicyoubitchT ainicyou
bitch Tainicyoubitch Tainicyo ubitchTai
nicyo ubitchTainic youb itchTa inic youbi
tchTai nicy oubi tchTai nicyoubi
tchTai nic youbi tchT
ainicyou bitc hTain icyo
ubitchT aini cyoubitchTaini
cyo ubitchTain icyo ubitchTainicyou
bitchTa inicyoubitchTaini cyo ubitchT a
inicyoubitchTa inicyoubitchTainicyou bitc hTainic
youb itchTainicyoub itchTainicyoubi tchTainicyoubitchTain
icyo ubitchTain icyoubitchT ainicyoubitchTainic
youb itchTa inicyoubitch Taini cyoubitchTa
inicyoubit chTainicyou bitc
hTainic youbitch Tain
icy oubitc hTai
nicyou bitc

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