RTX4090 Driver issues

Unfortunately no one is immune to the one off issues you can end up facing when it comes to PCs. An there are bound to be woes that come with adopting a newer tech. It's the nature of the beast. I do look forward to you and all other future 4090 users getting to experience the GPU, the card is really in a league of its own. I just did a fun experiment with mine due to someone claiming the 4090 is "far from efficient" and locked the power limit to 120W TDP to run a benchmark in 4K here are the results:

Effective Core / Boost Clock: 225MHz (Stock: 2520MHz / 2770MHz) Effective Memory Clock: 600MHz (Stock: 1313MHz) Average TDP: 117W Average Core Temperature: 38C (0 RPM Fans / Passive Cooling) Average Memory Temperature: 33C 4K Superposition Score: 12673 (RTX 3070 / RTX 2080 Ti Equivalent)

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