BIOS update to support i5-13600k in an Asus Prime B660-PLUS D4 - can I use the CPU before updating?

Actually I think I might have lucked out.

I did some googling and saw someone mention the BIOS version is usually written on the mobo. Not sure what to look for, but 1620 is written on the motherboard here - is this BIOS version or just a coincident?

But then I realized the box has a sticker stating "next gen cpu ready". Everything to the left of it is printed on the box, and the mobo was made for 12th gen. So surely by "next-gen CPU ready", it has to be 13th gen?

I'm terrified of messing up (even though I don't know what that would do to the mobo and/or cpu). Anyone able to help me confirm if this means it's already compatible?

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