Simple Questions - February 26, 2023

Hey. I'm building my first pc and I'm at the point of picking all the parts. I have my mind set on a few of them (cpu, gpu, mobo, case) but..... Some of those have lights. And so I'd like fans and cpu cooler to have lights too, so it all goes well together in terms of visuals.

The problem I have is - how to connect them? How do I pick fans and cpu cooler in a way that won't be a huge pain to sync all that stuff?

Mobo, case, cpu cooler all have rgb. How do I go about synchronizing them? Do they all have to be from the same manufacturer? Or is it enough if they all are argb or rgb? Can I daisy chain fans and a cpu cooler?

My mobo will only have 2 3-pins slots so I will have to connect stuff to eachother somehow... And I think my case (phanteks eclipse g500a) will have a controller of some sorts but I have no idea what that really means in terms of assembling the pc and controlling the lights.

The mobo is going to be an asrock b550 pro4 and I can see it has some polychrome sync system but I don't think any of my other components are compatible with it plus I read that the software itself is not that good.

So I guess the question is - how to connect all of the stuff that lights up together (mobo, case, fans, cpu cooler) so it works.

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