Haven't Built In Years, Seeking Assistance. Please Stop In!

  1. I am 100% not paying for a 4090 so I can accept something below Ultra. I just know that true 4K is hard to push is all I was inquiring about. If I went 4K I'd also be looking to go true HDR likely if that has any bearing so Idk I'm kind of leaning towards RTX/DLSS?

  2. When you say upgrades on the same platform do you mean if I want to upgrade my CPU only in a few years? That is very likely something I would never do. I'm pretty lazy. I'm going to get an AIO and I couldn't imagine all of the work to replace "just" a CPU. I'd rather just do a full build at that point. Like I'm looking to do now!

  3. I'm sorry you lost me here.. what are you referring to here when you mention something with BIOS flashingback if I go Z690. Why would I run into a compatibility issue. Is there something wrong with the i5 13600k?

  4. I hear you. Its absured to say the least but I have the wive's blessing. My 1080 is just starting to show its age on my 1440p resolution and I've ran into a few new game purchases on Steam that have pissed me off lately and I think its got a lot to do with my PCs age to be honest so here we are.

  5. When you say "SSD" I have a few SSDs they were quite the hot item when I got them back in 2016.. very expensive and WAY faster than HDD obviously but like 520GB and even 270gb for lots of $$ etc. I'm def going to need to research "NVME" etc... are these actually faster than the SSDs that I would have? Like in real world applications?

I have had my Corsair AIO on my current build for 6.5 years without issue. Are AIO issues common or something? I know it would be easier to air cool sure but... if I'm dropping the time and money I'm about to drop I just love the look of AIOs you know?

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