Simple Questions - March 17, 2023

Is Windows 11 having issues with Intel updates?

I upgraded my mobo and CPU from an older Gigabyte AMD to a 13th gen Intel Gigabyte mobo and CPU.

Almost everything seems to have gone smoothly. I reactivated my Windows 11 key, downloaded all the necessary drivers through Gigabyte and Intel's software tools that automatically popped up on first startup, but Windows Update specifically has 4 Intel updates that dont want to download and they won't go away either. It just sits there with an error code of 0x0000000. I've tried some command prompts and tricks I found online but nothing works. When I check Intel and Gigabyte tools, it says my drivers are all up to date too, but it looks like those Windows updates are needed? Idk what's going on.

I've played games last night to test everything out and everything is running normally, but this update issue is making me feel like I'll run into issues in the future.

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