Russiagate is a Ruling Class Diversion

I don’t see anything about race on that link.

If you ain't gonna read the sources there's no point in linking them.

Republicans aren’t the party of Lincoln anymore not just because they have fewer black voters but because they are ideologically white nationalist now. Anti-racism/internationalism has always been something socialists agree on.

It's a comparison; Republicans changed ideological alignment, you guys changed demographics. That also explains why more and more socialists are anti-"identity politics" and think class issues define everything. You lost your diversity.

America is just more right-wing than other developed nations. There are social democratic parties in Europe,

Who are also mostly white.

but there are more radical socialist movements in non-white countries given the role socialism played in decolonization.

Yet they are it to be found in your internet spaces, it's primarily Americans/western Europeans who are white, male, and speak one language.

What does this have to do with socialism?

If you don't think your lack of diversity is a reflection of your politics, you aren't nearly as woke or left wing as you like to think.

And what exactly does your point about the podcast prove?

That even when you try and get the snaked sample size possible of socialists with token minorities, it's still overwhelmingly white and male.

Like, the tea party had very little multiculturalism, and you guys have even less than they did. This is reflected in your views.

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