Saw you peeking at that ass

First of all: fuck you. Go back in your hole and be a cunt to your mirror or something. I know you're (hopefully) just trolling and probably love the attention, but if you're ever wondering why people seem so uninterested in hanging out with you IRL, your personality is probably why. If you behave like this online I can't even imagine how frustrated and sad you must be.

Secondly, why would you defend the pervert who filmed this while simultaneously calling the woman he's filming a whore? She's hot, has a nice ass, asses are nice to look at, she wants to show it off, we enjoy seeing it, so why the fuck would you waste everyone's time talking shit about the very girl you're probably jerking off furiously to?

This post should be deleted, as the girl obviously doesn't want the creepy fuck who filmed this to do so, but you couldn't even get internet creeping right, you fucking tool. So unless you're gonna report it, you should just move on. Take a walk or something.

Good luck.

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