So, I've been out for work doing in-person inspections all day. I had 8 appointments. Nobody said a word... ☠️

Holy shit this literally just happened to me yesterday. I've been a slob since thanksgiving and have been wearing the same sweat pants for 4 days. Went to costco, several grocery stores, best buy, in-n-out, a bunch of places wearing the sweatpants. Last night I sit on the couch and have an itch so I reach down (over the pants) to scratch and feel my nuts squeezing through the pants. My balls were peaking through like I was wearing skin tight fishnet leggings. I stood up to show my girlfriend and she could see my entire crack from the back, it almost looks like moths ate a bunch of holes in the crotch area. I have no idea how I didn't notice but I waited in so many lines wearing them lol

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