SCPA Undergrad

It's a small program, tight-knit group, I met my girlfriend there, I got involved with the student association, got involved with the strike in 2012, I'm super tight with almost all the faculty and staff, but you get what you put into it. Some people just show up and do their work and leave, this is a program where you shouldn't just do that.

The internship is basically up to you to find something good, but there's plenty of interesting internships to do if you tell people "hey I need an internship for credit at school". I did mine with a community interest group, and I have gotten employment at the municipal level before graduating because I was studying public policy. Keep in mind this program is a public policy program, community and public affairs each have two classes each, the rest will focus on policy-related topics.

I feel like I owe a lot to the program, but also I can tell some people feel less comfortable. If you fall to the right of the political spectrum, this program may not be for you, it's very left-leaning. You'll see that for yourself if you look through some of the history of the SA and what current and past students have done with the CSU.

As for after graduation, my girlfriend graduated and found a gig with the federal government right away. I intend to go to grad school, many people go to law school, your options are not bad. If you just do this with a random minor and no work experience you might be in trouble though, so I suggest looking ahead and making sure you get good grades, try and get involved somewhere politically and try to do a relevant minor/double major, and always keep your grad school doors open. I've eaten a lot of free pizza since I started, they like getting us pizza.

I think it's a great program but it's not for everyone. It's good that you're asking though, because I'm doing the same thing as you but asking around at the master's level and everybody has been really nice, so I'm glad to pay it forward it any way.

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