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None of this is informative and hence its spam. Anyone who is looking to grow/growing with hydro knows they need a TDS and PH meter and all the rest of the stuff you listed is not even necessary, its just a plug for you to try to sell some stuff - In fact the h202 analogy "its just like a water molecule with an extra oxygen" shows a distinct lack of chemistry knowledge in terms of what that extra oxygen actually does in a biological setting.

Furthermore why dont you go into any True Living Organics? Would it be because you cannot make money from selling people bags of dirt and amendments (dont answer that question, I already did).

Please dont post this garbage here, organically produced buds are better for the end user in terms of taste and consistency in production, and more importantly better for the environment due to potential run off issues with synthetics and how they specifically fuck Australian microbes due to their inability to handle excess phosphorus (something that's extremely important to maintain in Australia since we have a phosphorus sensitive natives and i question how much you care about that or the potential harmful effects your store has on the natural environment).

On top of all that synthetics are an energy intensive product to produce and your just using a model of inefficient allocation of resources, just so you can create yourself a job that is not necessary otherwise, making people pay more for a harder system, instead of the one that biologically evolved over millions of years.

People around here dont care much for synthetically produced buds when its literally easier to grow organically and better for the environment and your capital input. For 50$ i can make enough super soil to flower 50 plants. Love to see you do that on a hydro budget, your TDS meter alone is 139$..... Really drives home my point about how this whole charade is just so you can have a job that shouldn't exist.

By operating a hydro store you intrinsically run the risk of being a selling of PGRs. You might try to claim you dont knowingly sell PGRS, however you sell 'rock juice organic' (need I remind you that they are the company that has almost single-handedly fucked the Australian weed scene by producing the rock juice original (and they still do sell it to bikies!!) which 100% contained PGRS reflecting how this company doesn't give a fuck about the end user, similarly you stock cyco which also produces a pgr product - even if you dont stock the pgr product you are supporting a brand that is happy to sell poison to gangs and intern poison the majority of Australian smokers out there who have to buy commercially produced bud)... you also sell shooting powder which has been heavily suspected for years of containing PGRS off the label. Organic doesn't run these risks because there is no paclo in blood and bone / guano.

At the end of the day if the world goes to shit I can keep growing my cannabis no problems anywhere in the world (within reason), but you rely on a big chemical factory in china to hydrolysis nitrites into nitrates and dont understand how the earth actually produces its food before big companies like monsanto (which opened the floodgates for stores like the one you work at) to came around and convinced people its better to use synthetics then organics.

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