Have you seen the post about the English kid aged 9 with a 2050 rating that wants to drop out of school?

What is the purpose of education? To learn just a little bit about some different subjects? We find these subjects to be more important than others. We do not teach our kids about music. We don’t teach them about scales and arpeggios. About chord progressions and how to improvise. I find these subjects to be of the utmost importance. But we don’t teach kids how. Most kids aren’t interested in music so we don’t teach them. But earth science? About the different types of rocks and the difference between a meteor and meteorite. Why is this more important?

Why don’t we spend more time on drawing and painting? Art class in K-12 is a joke. It’s free time for most kids.

We also don’t teach kids how to play the amazing game of chess. Why? Playing chess requires a LOT of thinking. It’s 100% thinking. Memorizing lines. Making decisions. Do we not want to teach kids how to think?

I love math. But I don’t think math past algebra 1 is necessary. At all. Dividing (2x+2)/(5y-3) has and will never come up in my life. That’s 4+ years of wasted time. It’s good to learn about physics. I love physics. I research it all of the time. Quarks. Bosons. Mesons. I love that stuff. But no one needs to know about any of that. It’s not vital to life.

But if this kid loves chess and is good at it, why shouldn’t he be allowed to practice and be home schooled? It’s not like Magnus Carlsen had an amazing social life as a kid. We’ve all seen the videos. And look where he is now. Multiple time world champion. Endorsed. Well off.

Is school as important as we make it out to be? Imagine if you got a job and worked from age 13-18. 5 years of money saved up and you coulda gone to college. High school and middle school were a joke to me. Stupid easy homework for anyone that pays attention and can stay organized.

How much do you value this “education”? People can learn without government sanctioned school.

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