September 2021 U.S. Government and Politics megathread

Why are people freaking out about the Texas abortion law, when it costs less than $200 to fly to a city elsewhere in the US where abortion is legal?

I’ll preface that I’m pro choice and a Texas resident. I disagree with the law. But I have to ask, given that there are dozens of states in the US where abortions are completely legal, and given that one can get a budget round trip airline ticket to those places from Texas ( I.e to Chicago, LA, Denver) for less than 200 (as low as 80 most of the time), get their abortion, and come back, why are people hysterically acting like abortions for Texas women are impossible now?

To put it another way, I think of this law as a tax on abortions (women need to budget for interstate travel in addition to their abortion ) and an inconvenience, not a literal return to back alley abortions.

And if Beto could raise $37 for every vote he earned in his Texas senate race, crowdfunding for a birth control implant or a budget airline ticket isn’t difficult.

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