Overheard an all female conversation, seems to validate much of what is said here.

Not to worry, just have some blue pill guys and girls make you over, and you'll be a nice little bitch for some scary, hairy, huge gay dude. :D

Oh yeah, that's gonna get a million downvotes from nervous RPers who worry they'd end up someone's bitch in prison. ;)

Anyway, no worries dude, lots of short ass asian and mexican guys out there who get plenty of action. Gotta have your game down, a nice car, and know how not to get played. Girl wants you to treat her to an expensive dinner, "Bitch, you know how much my damned car payment is? Get real!"

Now, I knew this one Indonesian dude, his prospective wife gave him the ultimate shit test. He got an expensive car, a house, worked 2 jobs, his aunts all flew over to meet her, give their blessings, etc. And then she flipped out and bailed on him before the wedding. Wanted to say, "Dude! You dodged a bullet!" because she lost her shit before he was chained down and past the annulment period.

Yeah, he probably lost out on wedding expenses somewhat, reservations, etc. I think he ended up flying back to somewhere in the South Pacific with his friend because he couldn't get things refunded, but oh well. But in the end, he had the car, the house, he could cut back on hours from his one job, and spin some damned plates. :D

Most of his female co-workers were whispering "What a stupid bitch! She had it made!".

So, better to have lost that kind of babe, than to be married to one, get divorced, and end up with what is effectively "adult child support" so the ex can whore around and not have to work.

Now, if you're desperate, and we're talking "Lowered Expectations" desperate, go to an AA or an NA meeting, and hook up with some babe. Have a cheap motel lined up, the kind where you sign in, pay cash, and no credit card or ID is required. You can go in, relapse, and debauch together. ;)

Or you can find a bar, the kind where factory babes go to get loose, say you're from out of town, hook up for a one nighter, and find a different bar the next week. It also works to say you're separated and not looking for anything long term. That's big time Cha Ching! for a girl looking to have fun.

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