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Okie dokie. It is now Friday, and I have not heard from you.

At this point, I am needing to wash my hands of your filth, and forget about you and the abuse I sustained. I have been reviewing and compiling logs and so called "evidence" and in every instance of physical confrontation... I am reminded of the hours of antagonism that I would ask time and time again for you to stop... to calm down... to disengage and give me some space. You don't. You would continue until I finally snapped, and THAT'S when the cameras came out...

I am not the first beta-male to be subject to your nastiness, and being you have done this to others, you know how to protect yourself very well. You are intelligent, no doubt about that.

I see no reason at this point to not let the whole world know about your fuckery. Call it petty, say your above it all or whatever, but clearly your behavior is well hid in the community, you had even admitted to me on several occasions that no one really knows how bad you get... lets let them know. For safety. I would not want another helpless suitor to become a victim. Most people are able to can their conduct disorders by the time they are thirty, especially women, as they are checked eventually by some system. You admitted to almost being arrested for this kind of shit in the past. You have proclaimed "I wish someone would just understand..." I understand alright, better than you obviously. It's time to put on your big girl panties and face the consequences.

People should know that you raped your ex-roomate and childhood best friend, and that she felt so unsafe in her own home she needed another friend to step in and help you move out ASAP. People should know that while at the disco den, you held your cats under water to abuse them. People should know that your so-called "best" relationship thus far with Vlad you attributed to his low functioning emotional status, and that he did things for you like invite five guys over to run a train on your asshole. I don't even have to say very much about Ross, your fuckery there is articulated well enough by him. He said to me in an email "once she gets her claws in you, she won't stop. Good luck."

People should know that you disclosed sensitive information about your Greenhive venture, AFTER signing a non-disclosure agreement. People should know that you allowed someone to sell research chemicals as acid at an event you were working as conscious crew at... the exact thing you were there to prevent.

People should know you need to call someone "daddy" while they are fucking you, and that you needed a process known as "forced feminization" (normally reserved for transsexual men) to produce those lovely photos on your online dating profile... that you look nothing like.

As for what I experienced, well, my writing is becoming more and more skilled and impactful. I could write a novel about it, and I might. I'm tired of double standards, I'm tired of half truths or flat out lies, I'm tired of the manipulation, mostly I'm tired of you.

It's over Talisha, there is absolutely nothing between us further. Any future attempts to reconcile will be ignored. You had your chance, and it's passed.

You established in the two months before we met your poly status, and that you would continue to be. Well, when sex with me turned out to be fulfilling (no body has ever indicated otherwise) you were afraid I might sleep with someone else and fall in love with them. But I didn't. In visiting Minnesota to give us space, during a period of time when your stance was that of "the only thing we had to share in the future was the acquisition of my things" I slept with someone else and SURPRISE! Didn't fall in love with her, and still drove all the ways back to Washington. When you asked if I had, after a finally positive line of dialogue was established, I said yes. That tipped you off your rocker, even though it had been established in the few days prior when exactly it was I was leaving, and that I hoped to reconnect with you.

You said in a bit of nastiness "I hope the sex was good." For her it was... for me, it was adequate. But E cup boobs sure are fun. In fact, the causal FWB I have now, you know, the kind we were seeking during our relationship, her tits are glorious and huge too.

Fuck you Talisha, fuck you and the wave of lies you rode in on. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you.

I don't need this shit anymore, I'm above this nonsense. Peace you psycho bitch.

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