[Serious] Have you ever saved anyone's life? How did it happen?

I don't know if this counts, but if it does or doesn't I'm sure you guys will let me know.

It was my first year away at college. I was in my dorm room with some friends and we decided that a Friday night in meant drinking screwdrivers and watching the jersey shore. A few screwdrivers later, I was sufficiently tipsy and I get really nostalgic and friendly when I drink so I called up my best bud back home. He went to school close to where I lived and I hadn't talked to him in a few days. So he picks up the phone and at the time I thought nothing of it, I told him I loved him and that I missed him and that currently I was trying to get up the stairs of my loft without falling which was proving to be a more difficult task than I previously imagined. He laughed and said that he loved me too and we chatted for a bit before I drunkenly passed out.

A year later, I was back home for some break and he and I were sitting around a fire drinking beers and catching up. After sharing our college stories he told me about the night that I called him. He had been having a tough time in school, he was having a tough time with his parents and he was under a lot of financial and emotional stress. He had been depressed for the better part of that year and at the time that I called, he was contemplating offing himself. He said he picked up my call with sad tears in his eyes and he hung up crying from laughter. I listened to the story and couldn't find the words to say anything. He thanked me and I said something like "no problem man, you know I'm here for you when you need me," or something like that.

I don't know whether he was really going to off himself. I'd like to think that even if he had the opportunity to that he wouldn't. But I guess it comes down to the fact that sometime we don't realize how much of a difference we make in each other's lives. Like that quote, To the world you may be someone, but to one person you may be the world, from Brandi Snyder.

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