[SGA] You don't have to be level 32 and have a GHorn to do VOG normal. (or hard really)

  • Your history shows me that youre an idiot on every topic you post on. So at least youre consistent.

Your's is littered with downvoted posts and people making fun of you, mine is littered with 6 page hypocritical paragraphs from you that are getting downvoted by people that clearly disagree with you.

  • Im waiting for you to tell me how you can kill something faster with having a weaker weapon.

You can't get a stronger sword for crota and 331 rocket launchers vs 331 g-horns down him in the same amount of time, it's like you're intentionally pretending to be retarded. I can still put together a group that downs atheon in 1 cycle with none of them having a g-horn, the speed limit for these raids is static and highly dependent on the players ability to get to these instances, items are largely irrelevant and mostly crutches for people like you. If you were even somewhat semi intelligent you'd know and agree with this, however you aren't which is why you rely on large posts of contradictory, insult filled ramblings of an egotistical, dunning-kruger affected child.

  • You really need to be able to block people on here, youre beyond worthy of it. You talk of elitists and ego yet youre the one here saying you block people off the bat because you dont meet a certain requirement.

I never said I don't meet their requirements, I said I block them for setting stupid, unnecessary requirements, I said this in multiple posts, you're just fabricating a bunch of bullshit I didn't say so that you can seem "right" This strawman method of arguing would work if it wasn't in text and people can't simply look back and go "oh, yea that other guy is a retard" If I see your post demanding max out level 32s in Atheon, I'll open your profile and block you and subsequently post my own group + qualifications, 90% of the time the previously block guys try to join my group(basically egomaniac nerds like you)

  • Take a video of you doing hard mode crota first try with a random group with everyone using blue weapons since you think weapons dont have any factor in speeding up the fight. The fucking ignorance you spew is laughable.

Nobody said anything about blue weapons, this reliance on logical fallacies is almost as bad as your reliance on weapons in these raids. You can't comprehend that Icebreakers and G-horns are luxury items and completely optional yet you demand them in your raids and boot people that don't have them, you also believe that full raid gear is required and people with IB boots are also worthy of the boot, this is why I block people like you.

People like you shouldn't play video games, you're awful at them, you rely on overpowered gear to drag you through them and you're likely the laughing stock of your friends list and spend most of your time playing with newer players to cover up the fact that the only reason you've had any success in the game is because you've played longer than these newer players.

You legitimately don't deserve you play video games, you're a cancer, a toxic moron that spews nothing but hypocritical nonsense and try to counter arguments with logical fallacies that have people literally laughing at you all over reddit. This is readily apparent with your use of phrases like "kiddio" "Pal" and numerous other inferiority complex insults.

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