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No, I demand a recount. Submitted for the approval of the midnight society:

You should attach a hose to your ass, and a funnel to the hose, and then vomit into the funnel to fill your ass with your own vomit. And then clench real hard, and let a guy cum a huge load into your ass. And when he's finished, you shit a mixture of his cum and your vomit all over his crotch, and you suck it all up, while getting his pubes stuck between your teeth. And you're so stuck that you can't pry yourself off, so the guy gets up, and starts walking, and you're dragging behind him like a tail, but you're face down, and another guy sees your naked ass, and pounces on you. The force breaks you free from the other guy's pubes, but it also cracks your skull onto the floor, and ass the blood drains out of your skull, and you begin to loose consciousness, the last thing you see is the 2nd guy making out with you, but his eyeballs are literal wads of shit.

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