Sleep paralysis?

I can’t explain anything to you but I had terrible sleep paralysis from the age of 17 up until I was 22. What finally changed for me was I stopped being scared. In all those years I experienced sleep paralysis, despite how terrified I was and how much “they” messed with me, I always woke and I was fine. I finally realized they had no real power over me and I stopped giving them so much of my energy. I think they like to suck energy and that fear gives them so much. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but now on the rare occasion I do get sleep paralysis, I don’t give a fuck. Like okay, I’ll just close my eyes and go back to sleep as if absolutely nothing is there and nothing is bothering me. I don’t give them any of my energy. It’s really helped me. They used to interfere with my daily life and now even when it does happen it’s not scary because I know what to do. Sorry if this is not helpful for you and your experiences. This is what has worked for me.

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