What is the best way to add a window behind this brick facade? (description in comments)

Interesting problem.

If it is just aesthetic - which is really nice, I would have a just another layer brick behind in colder climate, and think about what walls it is on. Wood layer would also be possible but not good because you make room for insects ect.

Check out FLW "textile-blocks" maybe there is a way to add aesthetics without making any other problems. Depend how cold winters get (humidity/expansion of materials/currents), but really climate-enviornments and classic materials stone-brick-steel-wood all these choices matter. The solution in picture where one can see thou, is Only for tropical climates, but for homes I would not even do it there unless it is just a back yard if people look inn.. When it comes to glass, it always better to use Just for making the outside enter inn. Not some sort of fix.

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