A small request for the "Random Legend" option

But you didn't have a point to begin with

Sure I did, you just disagree about my opinion that it is a point. That doesn't make it not a point, just that you don't agree it is one.

Yes, I think that you "quibbling" about a point, and then deleting the comment doing so, and then re-commenting about how I'm the one quibbling is, indeed, you being a twat and trying to take the high road by sounding like you are above the argument. Especially when you use "quibbling" which means the point is trivial - calling an argument trivial is pretty clearly trying to make it seem below you.

You however, have had an hour to reconsider your insults.

10 minutes, actually. But I understand that timestamps are problematic when portraying your narrative.

However, why I might have deleted that post is absolutely irrelevant to the topic at hand

It's not, since the post you deleted was "quibbling" over the point - the very thing you called me out for in your very next post.

context of what the ultimate purpose of a feature is

The purpose is to randomly select a champion. Strange concept, I know.

And I don't believe that anyone does it in the hopes that they get the same legend two or three times in a row, regardless of what the odds of it happening are.

Pretty sure people do it in the hope of getting a random champion. See above for snide remark.

Finally, what do you even know about coding to make you think it isn't worth it

I know that it would take ~1 week (assuming a strong codebase and average sprint times) to change this.

But compared to the amount of interpolation and prediction that has to go into making games feel smooth and fluid, I can assure you it's not a huge deal to make the algorithm hold one choice and select from the remaining N-1.

That first part has nothing to do with the 2nd part. Just because something is "comparatively easy" or even simply "easy" does not mean it is worthwhile. I could code a color picker for my team's application in a week, but why would I waste time doing that, even if 10% of the users liked it? And let's face it, 10% of users noticing this randomization change would be improbable.

Particularly suggestions which are recurring, and simple to implement, like the OP's suggestion

Who cares if it's recurring and/or simple to implement? Neither of those things is indicative of legitimate player interest. Neither post had a single comment in agreement. Just because you think something should be added, doesn't mean other people do.

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