What even is the rocket lance

Diamond Lance player (Don't play as much anymore), Dodge in against Lance. This will solve most of your problems while giving me one. You need to understand Lance moves in one direction and hits in one direction besides Nair. The only counter Lance players have for a Dodge in is a dlight pivot or heavy read. By this point any weapon is capable of that. Lance isn't a good weapon, but it is a different one. People who complain about it often don't realize that it's slight/sair don't even reach as far as other kits; however, it's a longer weapon. Often if you're caught in a Lance string you do the following; spam dodge and don't time it, spam jump or don't fast fall, don't weapon throw or do a turn around. What's a turn around? Dair on bow, dair on scythe, sair axe, etc in the middle of the strong. Another example would be: I dlight -> nlight but you nlight on axe before I can do another string. It's not broken, it's different.

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