Socialists plan EU-wide minimum wage if they win control of European Commission

Mate I grew up during the miners strikes, in a coal mining family, class is just a state of mnd in this country, the middle class no longer exists in the traditional sense.

You either are a Socialist or not, there is no middle ground, you are actively arguing against all Socialist values, it is not a question of not being Socialist enough, you are a Liberal arguing against Socialism, with apparently no knowledge of what we even stand for.

I am not interested in the opinions of the stereotypical middle class Redditor S"weed"en type, with a cushy job in the public sector, such a coward that they advocate the unsustainable status quo, so it doesnt upset their conmfortable middle class life.

I am not entirely unsypathetic to the views of a Social Democrat, I am only arguing as to if you are a Socialist ot not.

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