Society has successfully demonized rapists that girls now are not fulfilled by boys that try to fufill their Rape fetish and kink, as it contradicts the systematically hammered taught process that rape is a heinous and inhumane crime.

My bad I think I'm just throwing out a generalization. I definitely can agree that not all women want to be raped. Some women are completely traumatised by it. And it also varies on too many different factors to even touch on so I can understand why ppl find my post idiotic lol.

I think different ppl like different things, some women or some instances may like to be choked and just penetrated by forced. (Although it sounds just like a painful rough experience that's not pleasurable but I guess its also quicker, but to each their own..)

While others like to be molested and caressed first against the girls will. (Which I can understand can be revolting to betray someone's trust like that and it's also longer..but to each their own)

circumstance, attractivity, relationship level, safety precautions, contraception, (I support the legalisation of abortion ) also plays a huge role.

Like I think some "rapists" do value the safety and pleasure of the girl as well. It could be just a friend that found u too desirable to resist and forces his hands on u and in extreme cases himself in u, but makes up for it like buying u something uwants or some shit.

Or an attractive stranger that takes a liking.

honestly I think this demonization of "predators" infringes on the balance of nature and is making the victim more the predator than the prey to easily convict and shame them. And that's why when the rapist lies about them falsely accusing the raped it is even worse cos now ppl see the girl as a liar.

Utilitarianism is a family of consequentialist ethical theories that promotes actions that maximize happiness and well-being for the affected individuals.

If everyone has to be the victim to get accepted and supported, how is that a happy life? And it's also very narcisstic too to not care about real ppl getting sexually extorted by gross man everyday without a sanctuary or a choice.

Hedonism is a school of thought that argues pleasure and suffering are the only components of well-being. Give and take, exchange of power , So I do want to also fantasize as much as the raped to be the rapist without seen as the sole undeniable predator and monster.

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